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I'd scream these thoughts right in your face if you were here

I should really do more with my LiveJournal...like write in it more.Someone told me once that they write on here to validate their existence. Intresting. i guess that means that i technically don't exist.

Alex makes me mad. She's excessively nice, like fake nice and then unrightfully bitchy at other times. I want to punch her in the face.That would make me feel better. :)

In my marxism class we're learning about Marx's critique of the capitalist system. He makes a lot of good points. Like when he talks about how money used to be used simply as a means to facilltate trade but now people value money more then the objects they use it for. And how the system forces us to commodify ourselves into workers and sell ourselves in order to get money so we can buy what we need to survive. Its very "outside the box" thinking. On one hand this may seem like its no big deal but when you look to third world countries in South America where companies beat their workers and force them to work in crappy living conditions just so they can make enough money to try and feed their family it makes you think and wonder about your role in perptuating the system.

On that note a lot of my friends are totally a firmly placed cog comfortable with their place in the system. i despise people who constantly buy things out of excess. Buying things on a whim, and thing you dont need. *shakes head* Over reliance on material things...
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